"Prophecy In The Church Today"

Ron Campbell


Ron Campbell is the founder and President of Sound the Trumpet Ministries, an international ministry that was founded to equip and encourage people to come into their heavenly designed purpose, to be ambassadors of the Kingdom and effect their sphere of influence for the Kingdom of God.

Ron was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was sent to America by the Lord in 1993 to minister as a Prophet. Ron is a dynamic minister and speaker, who has had first hand experience of life and transformation, brought by the power of God.

Ron ministers throughout the U.S. and internationally, and across denominational boundaries, with a vibrant prophetic teaching ministry as well as a healthy understanding of the Office of a Prophet – that brings order to the government of the church.

Ron’s ministry style is unique and his teaching is grounded in revelation of the truth that brings with it the power to change people’s lives. Ron cooperates with the Holy Spirit’s desire to release purpose for individuals, churches, and business people. And his passion is multi generational and multi national.

Ron is a conference speakers and He is regularly used by the Lord to impact the church with a fresh anointing. He also minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in the Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge and the Dynamos gifts.

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